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Did you experience an IRS audit and felt that the agent took advantage of you? Or perhaps, afterwards, did you discover additional documentation that may have caused the audit results to be different?

If so, then the appeals process may be advantageous to you.

In most instances, during the course of an audit, the IRS often arrives at their own conclusions and may not consider the reality of the taxpayer's issues. This could result in an outcome in which you are not at all pleased. Then afterwards the primary goal of the IRS will be to collect the assessed tax liability, often resorting to levies and/or assets seizures, regardless that you are faced with the responsibility to provide for your family or have bills that you are unable to pay. Most taxpayers dread facing an audit conducted by the IRS.

The average taxpayer does not know that they can actually appeal the final results of an IRS audit. If in fact you do not agree with the outcome of the audit, you can submit a written form protest within 30 days to negotiate with the IRS and possibly lower the amount of your tax debt. This procedure should not be done on your own due to the fact that it is far too complicated. It is highly recommended that you engage a qualified tax professional to handle this matter for you.

The major role of appeals is dispute resolution. Appeals conferences are informal meetings which are handled by the local Appeals Office.

Most audit appeals are used to the taxpayer's advantage and a majority of audit appeals are successful to some extent. Submitting the formal protest and filing the appeal not only suspends any adverse collection activity for a few months, but it may also help minimize the liabilities you have with the IRS. This may be a huge relief off your shoulders.

All apppeals are handled by a different division within the IRS, which is known as the Appeals Office, meaning that once you file the appeal, you most likely will not have to deal with the IRS agent who audited you in the first place; you will usually deal with the Appeals Officer only. This may be a benefit to the taxpayer since the Appeals Officer is not as familiar with your case as the agent who audited you. An Appeals Officer in some cases may be more considerate than your original IRS auditor.

Outside of tax court, appeals is the only level of administrative appeal within the IRS which permits any taxpayer to contest an IRS compliance action and some collection actions. An Appeals officer will give your tax case a fresh look by considering any reason you may have for disagreement, except those based solely upon moral, religious, political, constitutional, or conscientious objection or similiar grounds..

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